fantasy - Diablos Ink'd 3

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Anarchy Films presents… Mama’s A Freak 2! Just because they like to fuck doesn’t make them any freakier than anyone else. They have needs and desires that must be fulfilled. It can be by either a man or a woman as long as their hot, pink hole is licked and filled by someone who can go the distance and make them!!!

These sexy sluts are addicts who can't wait to get their next fix and tap a vein...the "main vein" that is! These bitches covet the cock so much that it takes more than just one engorged erection to satisfy their aching holes, they need a whole gang of cocksman to simultaneously stretch, fill and tear asunder their every orifice! It's Gangbang Junkies Vol. 5, where the hottest honeys with the tightest bodies get their gashes gaped, assholes annihilated and mouths mauled by an army of thick dicks!

Deep into the night, these greedy vampires sharpen their teeth to suck cock pussy. Devouring their victims the beautiful un-dead men women act out their rampant desires for fucking until exhaustion and then death. Their sexual compulsions are never complete until every delicious cunt is sucked dry and every drop of spunk is drunk. Beautifully shot by award-winning British director Kendo, The Vampires features top British and Euro stars giving their finest, filthiest performances

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